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The Stunt Heard 'Round The World: "24 Hours In A Tub Of Bean Dip For Los Toros"

This local business marketing stunt was created by Big Squid Endeavors, our creative house that focuses on visceral marketing stunts for brands and businesses.

The Story: In February 2021, I proposed the ridiculous marketing stunt to Los Toros, my family and I's #1 favorite restaurant in the world. They are notorious for their wildly addictive bean dip and knock-you-silly margaritas. So it only made sense that I would spend 24 hours in a tub of bean dip for the restaurant.

And on top of that, I had planned to get the restaurant's logo tattooed on my arm while sitting in the tub. The logo is three bulls who look like they've had a long night at Los Toros, it's one of the greatest logos I have ever seen. We contacted local tattoo artist, Captain Todd from Nathan's Tattoos and Piercing, to do the deed.

The Marketing Goal: List Building, Local Marketing & Awareness

Our trajectory for this madness was simple, the goal was to help build Los Toros's email list, entice the local public with a funny stunt to get them to come buy a taco and a drink, and ultimately: get people talking about Los Toros.

So we created the website [24hourbeandip.com] to announce the stunt, tell our story, and start collecting emails. We offered different giveaways and gift certificates to excite people up until the day of the stunt.

The Results: World-Wide Press & #Beans Trending

Our little parking lot stunt became a viral success. It pushed to the top of Twitter's trending topics. Los Toros appeared on The Today Show, the New York Post, NPR Morning Edition, Fox News, the Daily Mail, Reuters, and over 150 more local and national outlets.

Our publicity director, Mitchell Jackson, quantified the stunt: "We created over $5 million worth of press on a barebones budget."

The Takeaway: Story Is Everything

Wild, outrageous stunts excite me more than anything. But they would be nothing without a story. We were able to tell a story in a restaurant parking lot that the entire world was able to hear.

Anytime we concoct a stunt, we ensure that the story is the most 'explosive' element.

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