The Largest Mud Wrestle In Southern California

We created the Great American Mud Wrestle, sprawling across a ranch in Sun Valley "including mud-covered brawls between bodybuilders and cowboys, country tunes from a Willie Nelson impersonator, and a chance to “get dirty” with squealing pigs" - as I-D Magazine put it.

The event featured an eclectic cast of legendary G.L.O.W. wrestlers, stunt performers, fantastical creatures, celebrity wrestlers, and celebrity imposters.

LA Weekly had reported that Dog the Bounty Hunter, a.k.a. Duane “Dog” Chapman, was a judge and in attendance at the Great American Mud Wrestle event in Sun Valley. An impersonator of Dog the Bounty Hunter was at the event.

A wild tribute to the stunt community and the G.L.O.W. female wrestlers.

Working closely with the stunt performer community, we have always been extremely inspired by the hyper surreal, action-packed events of the past.  The last true mud wrestle was at the Hollywood Tropicana.  We felt it only made sense to bring it back celebrate the the figures that have been entertaining us for years.

Live theater knee deep in the mud.

Being able to flex our creative muscle when it comes to live events is what we are 'pretty darn good at' when it comes to telling a story.

There is not a more visceral and engaging story than a live one.

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