Reaching The Masses Through Creative Storytelling


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Reaching The Masses Through Creative Storytelling


After working in the Entertainment Industry for over 10 years, we know which stories sell.
We recently crafted a viral marketing stunt for our favorite local restaurant that got the whole world talking.

Telling Stories Audiences Remember.

You just might have seen them in...

Meet The Bullfrog Brothers.

We just can't help jumping at a good story.
  • Hunter Ray Barker has served the stunt performer community for over a decade as the President of the Stunt Players Directory, the film and television industry's first-ever advertising directory for stunt professionals.

    His experience working alongside the the greatest performers in the world has motivated his drive and vision to bring the same blockbuster storytelling to business owners through viral stunt marketing and branded events.
  • Charlie Grant started his career producing and directing music and fashion videos for prominent musicians, large brands, and publications.

    He realized the highly creative, larger-than-life concepts he is used to producing in the entertainment industry were missing from the world of marketing and advertising...
  • The Bullfrog Brotherhood was born to do exactly that:

    Tell brand stories that reach the masses.

Building Brand Stories. Reaching The Masses. Increasing Your Profits.

(Yes, it's all about the story)
Mass Visibility

Mass Visibility is our flagship training program that shows you exactly how we are able to skyrocket brand awareness through creating a highly-engaging, branded event to reach new customers and leverage the press to spread your message like wildfire.

The same tactics we use to:

Create Viral Once-In-A-Lifetime Events
Publicize The Events In The Media
Reach Millions Of New Viewers
Creative Consultation

We offer creative consultation to brands and business owners looking to create their own branded events. Our experience spans decades in the entertainment/stunt industry. 

If you are looking to bring the same blockbuster energy to your business by producing an unforgettable event, book a call with the Bullfrog Brothers today.

Branded Event Consultation
Entertainment & Media Relations
Round The Clock Support!
Viral Event Production

Having a lifelong relationship with over 2,000 of the world’s most talented stunt performers, fabrication studios, and production houses, we are able to turn any fantasy concept into a jaw-dropping reality for any brand or business owner.

We do this by creating branded events that force the entire world to stop and stare.

Full-Scale Viral Event Production
Stunt Directory Access & Coordination
Planned By The Stunt Leaders Of The Film & Television Industry
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The Greatest Campaigns Start With Your Story.

Here are some of our favorite projects.

We Help Share It With The World.

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Our Mindset.

We believe that great stories are what drive and motivate audiences to become fans, make purchases, or take any action as a leap of faith in a brand or business.  Storytelling is the core of all of our creative marketing work.

Our Mission.

We are obsessed with connecting impactful brands with the right audiences by sharing their story in the most visceral way possible.  Beyond satisfying business objectives, we aim to make brand owners community leaders in their respective spaces.


Years of experience working in the Film & TV Industry understanding how to tell stories effectively.


Total news media outlets we have successfully published our clients in.


Estimated average of online readership in the respective media outlets buzzing about our clients.

Bullfrog Creative Agency Co-Founder Hunter Ray Barker
on The Kelly Clarkson Show

The Five Pillars Of

Mass Visibility.

Crafting The Perfect Story

Producing The Great, Big Event

Reaching The Masses

Driving Maximum Momentum

Optimizing For Success


The people love the frog.

Truly the best.

"I work for the Franchise owners of the brand “Alvin and The Chipmunks." Bullfrog Agency is truly the best. They’re creative, responsive, take pride in their work... they've been nothing but professional, efficient, and patient. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with."
Jackie Blackwell
Alvin & The Chipmunks

Skyrocket visibility.

“We work in appraisal and we've been working strictly word of mouth and through referral. The Bullfrog Team was able to skyrocket our SEO and visibility online in just a few days working with them. We are so excited with what's to come."
Christopher Garlick
Foss Consulting Group

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